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Setting up Eclipse with Windows 7 issues

Posted by jaystile on June 22, 2010

I’ve bought myself a new PC which came with Windows 7. I’ve been running versions of Ubuntu on old hardware since version 6.04 and I thought I’d give the new Windows a test drive. At work we run on linux distros so this is almost a new experience for me. My friend really likes Windows 7 and to be honest I was getting a little sick and tired of external hardware not working. Specifically my webcam (which Logitech doesn’t for Windows 7 for some damn reason, I’m done doing buying anything from them) and the scanner my other friend let me borrow.

I’m working on a few side development tasks on my own. I program a lot of java so I went through and installed the latest JDK and tried to find where in the heck you set the environment variables. But I got that resolved. Next, I go and download Eclipse. I extracted the zip file with the default Windows 7 ‘Extract’ option. When I tried to run eclipse I get a weird error about a shared library not being found.

Anyway, I went searching for the answer and it looks like the Windows 7 zip handler doesn’t handle the eclipse-jee-galileo-SR2-win32.zip very well. So, I downloaded cygwin, extracted the zip, moved the eclipse folder to /cygdrive/c/eclipse. Tried to fire up eclipse again and it failed with a permissions exception. chmod -R 755 /cygdrive/c/eclipse and I was up and running. You can color me unimpressed that Windows 7 failed to correctly extract an archive.


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