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Book Review: My Life in France by Julia Child

Posted by jaystile on January 7, 2010

‘My Life in France’ by Julia Child with Alex Prud’Homme is an autobiography of Julia Child and her experiences in France. All in all, this was a pleasant story. If you’re not familiar with Julia Child, she was the hostess of ‘The French Chef’ on PBS for many years and is the co-author of ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. My family loves food and we love Julia Child. This story recounts many experiences in France with her husband Paul as she shares food with friends, family, and other people who love food.

This book really tries to bring home all the things that are wonderful about food & friends. It makes me just want to cook and share with everyone. I already do that quite a bit, but this just makes me want to do it more. So if you love Julia Child or if you love cooking go ahead and read this book. It’s a short read at 300 easy pages and worth the time. Bon Appetit.


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