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Parenting: The effect of false myths

Posted by jaystile on July 23, 2009

I ran across this while reading this news: Paralysed Kids Buried For Solar Eclipse Cure. As a parent and an atheist it makes my heart so sad for these children.

Imagine being these kids
Your parents tell you that you might be able to walk and run with the other children. The solar eclipse has magical healing powers along with the power of god. The excitement and hope begins to build. A joyous and miraculous thing is about to happen. God is going to fix you. A holy man is praying over you while an astronomical event takes place. And then nothing happens.

What is going through these people’s minds? (I can’t say to know, but I have an idea)
What do the kids think?

  • Did I do something wrong? Is it my fault?
  • Why does god continue to punish me?
  • Why does god not hear me?

What do the parents think?

  • God is punishing us for our sins
  • What can we do to make god fix our child?
  • Should I pray more devoutly?
  • Do I need to teach my children more about god?
  • Do I need to believe more?

What does the holy man think?

  • Sinners.
  • God is all powerful, it must be their fault if they are not healed.

I feel helpless
What can I do about such a situation? I could scoff and call them uneducated, but this kind of thing happens in my own country. I feel so bad for these kids. I want to shout ‘STOP LYING TO YOUR KIDS!’ They really need support from their community and family. I’d take a pair of helping hands over praying hands anytime.


3 Responses to “Parenting: The effect of false myths”

  1. PStryder said

    > I want to shout ‘STOP LYING TO YOUR KIDS!’

    That’s exactly what you should do. Spread atheism.

  2. aalee said

    a bit harsh response to your article.
    my 2 years old nephew is a patient of CP. there is no medication, treatment,therapy or anything in the world for this. we are trying everything available , from medication ,therapy, exercises everything. we are educated and we don’t believe in myths too. but you don’t have a nephew who is unable to listen,focus,even say a single letter except laugh,do you ?
    …how do you understand what we feel ? you can never, ever.!!
    so, don’t take hops from us. i am not saying that i believe in this. but what do i say to his mother that “there is no cure for her child in the whole world? our money , our education nothing can make her child speak, move ? ”
    no…i cant say that, let there be hope.
    And everything is in God’s hand, let him decide but don’t take peoples hope.

    • jaystile said

      I am sorry to hear about your nephews’ Cerebral Palsy. It is sad when bad things happen to good people. My father passed way from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It was a very difficult time for our family watching our father waste away. I had to quit the university to be his nurse until he died. While I do not know what it is like to have a child with CP, I have had my share of hardships. Many people tried to sell ‘cures’ which would get our hopes up. When we did research we found out they were false. There was no cure. He died 13 years ago. In my father’s case, I would have preferred one friend to visit my father than a million prayers wishing him good health. Embrace reality and help your family by providing meals or helping them with work when you can. Do not give up hope because science research and volumes of empirical evidence grow every day.

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