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The Joy of Parenting: Meet Santa Claus

Posted by jaystile on February 17, 2009

The Denver Zoo presents Zoo Lights! This is when you go to the zoo at night in the middle of winter to look at Christmas lights. You proceed to freeze any under protected areas of your body while trying not to slip on the ice. The zoo provides a Santa Claus for the kids to talk to. After waiting in line for 30 agonizing minutes keeping our girls from rushing the bearded man dressed in red, my girls get into Santa’s sleigh. It should be noted that my children do not get to watch a whole lot of TV, so when you ask them what they want for Christmas, they really don’t have any ideas. Santa asked my oldest(4yrs), “What do you want for Christmas?” She responds, “A pinata of a white bear.” Santa was taken aback when trying to clarify her request. But then she realized she had forgotten an important item and yelled at him, “AND A BAT!” Because you’ve got to be able to get the candy out, right?

My youngest(2yrs) was very shy and would not look at Santa. But when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said, “candy”. F@#$ the pinata and bat. Just give me the candy.


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