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The Joy of Parenting: Snowman

Posted by jaystile on February 16, 2009

My family made it to Keystone, CO for a company sponsored holiday party. Let me tell you, there are numerous benefits to be had working for a privately owned company. While up in the mountains we had about 6-8 inches of fresh snowfall. It was awesome! This was the best snowball, snowfort, and snowman making snow that I have ever seen. My daughters and I made a giant snowman. The base snowball was so large that I could not push it anymore. It took the effort of both me and my wife to lift the middle snowball onto it. Finally, we made the head. This was a great snowman. It just needed some finishing touches. We got some sticks for the arms. I announce that we need to find some rocks for the eyes. My eldest daughter (4) chimes in with “Dad, here are some rocks” and she hands them to me. They are pretty snow covered and I brush the snow off them, but it is really not coming off. I take my gloves off and try melting a little of the snow and that works and they look good. Then I started orienting them for the best possible alignment and I notice there is a little mud on them so I try and wipe it off…. but wait… the more I wipe the more mud there is. “OH, NO! IT’S NOT ROCKS!” It’s dog poop.

Disgruntled, I go back to the condo to wash my hands and pout while my wife and children laugh.


One Response to “The Joy of Parenting: Snowman”

  1. Davis said

    Sounds like fun. Can’t remember the last time we had a company-sponsored event, though our offshore (outsource) sites do. Guess it’s cheaper over there.

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