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Ubuntu: Howto Setup a Local Subversion Repository

Posted by jaystile on February 13, 2009

This Howto is targeted for Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron. Specifically, this will go through a quick start to get subversion running on the file system. Which, by the way, is NOT the recommended way of setting it up. But if you’re doing some local (1-person) development it is the quickest. The documentation for subversion can be found at svnbook.red-bean.com

Get Subversion!
I used the Synaptec Package Manager to download the ‘subversion’ package. You could probably done just as well using ‘apt-get’.

Create Repository!

svnadmin create /var/svnroot/

Import your code into the repository!
Where LocalDir is like /home/username/MyProject
and Where ProjectName is like MyProject

svn import LocalDir file:///var/svnroot/ProjectName

Check out your code from the repository!

svn checkout file:///var/svnroot/PorjectName

Your code is now under version control! (Don’t you feel all grown up now?)


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