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Cool Stuff: I For One Welcome Our Octopi Overlords.

Posted by jaystile on December 30, 2008

I love cool stuff and in my opinion there is nothing in the animal kingdom cooler than the octopus. They are damn smart and adaptable. If anything is going to definitively take over the oceans it isn’t going to be stupid dolphins. There seems to be quite a few octopus stories in the news lately that I would like to share with you.

Octopus eats shark In this video an octopus is filmed eating a shark. The zookeepers ( aquarium keepers?) couldn’t figure out why there were shark carcasses on the aquarium floor.

Octopus Mimics Sea Snake
In this video a octopus is caught on tape mimicking other undersea creatures. The snake at the end is really creepy.

Awesome Octopus Camoflage
Besides the ink shooting reflex we’ve heard about and that has been idealized in cartoons the best defense is not to be seen to begin with. Even after watching this video a couple of times, I still can’t see the octopus until it decides to move.

The value of being boneless
An octopus of 600 lbs can squeeze through a hole of 1 inch diameter. This allows them to gain protection from other predators that cannot get into spaces they can hide in.

  1. National Geographic: Octopus traveling through a maze.
  2. National Geographic: More Octopus squeezing
  3. Demonstration of an Octopus escaping from a maze.

Octopus Wrecks Havoc!
This is probably the best octopus story I’ve seen. Meet Otto the Octopus! Otto likes visitors. In fact when there are no visitors to the aquarium he gets bored. He passes the time by juggling the other inhabitants in his tank. Additionally, he is a good shot. He knocks out the lights with a blast of water. Otto is Awesome!
Read more about Otto here!

Octopi are really really cool. It almost makes me want to get a large saltwater tank and get one as a pet. But what fun would that be if they hide in a small cramped space with camouflage and then shoot your lights out with water and smash the glass with rocks? I’m going to have to pass. Given a few more millennia of evolution and we might seem some serious intellectual growth.

Octopus Emerging from Egg and Octopus opens a jar

Octopi & Coconuts


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