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Book Review: Parenting with Love and Logic

Posted by jaystile on November 19, 2008

Originally Posted: Friday, January 25, 2008

I finished reading Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster W. Cline and Jim Fay. I haven’t read a parenting book since “Making the ‘Terrible’ Twos Terrific” by John Rosemond. It was nice to have a little refresher. You can only watch so much SuperNanny for parenting advice. To sum it up Parenting with Love and Logic teaches you how to teach your children to be responsible by allowing them to make choices. You let the consequences of their actions teach the lesson and you empathize with them when they are upset. For example, “Yes, Dad is tired and upset too when he doesn’t go to bed when his mom tells him to. Time to get up and get breakfast!”

Additionally, the options should be those that you are happy with. “Would you like to go outside with your shoes on or would you like to carry your shoes with you and hurt your feet?” I can not tell you how many times my children have opted to go outside without shoes on and then come back crying that their feet hurt because they stepped on something. Then empathize… “Yes, it hurts when we don’t wear our shoes outside. Would you like dad to help you put them on?”

Also, I’ve nearly finished “Art for the Fun of It: A Guide for Teaching Young Children (Spectrum book)” by Peggy Davison Jenkins. I’m not going to write too much about it because it sucked. The prose was hard to understand. The key point, Art is pure expression, so don’t stiffle it. Don’t force kids to colors in the lines, don’t make them create what you expect them to create. They get enough structure in their other teachings, just give them the materials, show them how to use them, and let them explore. Offer no criticisms just respond, “Tell me about your creation”.


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