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Book Review: The Luck Factor by Dr. Richard Wiseman

Posted by jaystile on November 18, 2008

Originally Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007

I recently finished “The Luck Factor” by Dr. Richard Wiseman. This is a non-fiction book on the effects of luck in your life. I was drawn to read this book because of a local radio show. http://www.alice1059.com/pages/270072.php. One of the radio personalities, Jennifer, keeps touting ‘The Secret’. http://www.themastersofthesecret.com/DVD/?gclid=CO7lqJzxpIsCFRBGGAodugZjkQ

She mentions that through living ‘The Secret’ values then due to quantum physics and the laws of attraction the things you want will come to you. That would be a false statement. There is a joke that goes around the scientific community, how can you tell when someone doesn’t understand quantum physics? They say, ‘I understand quantum physics’.

But back to ‘The Luck Factor’. This is a self-help book. I wanted to read about the research that took place to determine if some people are really lucky or not. It really didn’t have the information in it that I was looking for. There was only one experiment that I found interesting, he had all the people who considered themselves ‘lucky’ to pick lottery numbers. There was actually a trend, so he went out and bought a ticket. And did not get one single number.

The summation of the book is, that your attitude and how you behave towards others makes you lucky or unlucky. An unseen force in the universe known as ‘luck’ does not show itself in experimentation. Behavioral patterns do show up. I take issue with some self-help books and programs that promote self improvement through mysticism. People looking to improve themselves through education always have my support, those who try to do it through magic and superstition do not.

I have a problem. This problem is when people state fiction as fact. When you see this behavior notice it, and if you feel willing, correct it. ‘The Secret’ touted by the radio show was making false statements. These statements were contradicted by facts from the research done to create ‘The Luck Factor’. I wrote the radio station to voice my opinion.


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